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was moving sextails my fingers, and I knew my legs slightly stroking my pussy, but my underwear after a few minutes of this I have my panties saturated and so has my lover, I like slide felt a finger under my panties and started gently playing with my pussy lips and then I felt a finger slide into me, I was there and I felt my leg juices run to see my underwear and felt even begin slowley by removed. knew it was crazy, but never on and I sextails swear I could get there, and I'd hate to be careful. left, how they came to my ankle and my leg was on hand to play and stop working just below my pussy to my inner thigh, and I want to get into me. I felt two fingers into her pussy and slowly as sextails expected split lips and stayed there, move a little, but I fall a little more to get me to leaveND then felt myself begin to come into full force, and began to more and faster and I could feel my body starts shaking and I realized that I approach, when the fingers w
Quotes re withdrawn suddenly. I stood and felt how my body turns to me, when a voice whispered in my ear, if you want your underwear all the way back to the next stop. Yes, I said, trying not to look back, however, said he put his arms around me and gently stir the stomach as she kissed my neck. When the train began to slow, I always felt like I wet again what you like and everything else you have in mind, his thought. The train stopped and I went out and we parted in the race and all I could see sextails was a pile of bodies, I walk away and waited for the crowd, I heard a cough behind me and a man. I looked at him he was 50 years old probley 5foot 5 bits overwieght and wears a suit. stretched his arms and went to him and he smiled, I realized that I had a bright blue andyes, and gave him a kiss I can get my underwear back I said, he smiled and gave him back are in favor of a talk, he said it was, yes, I replied and left the station and went to McDonalds . just the start


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Hi, my name is Andrea and I have 22 years of age 5 foot 11, size 12 to 14 and said, I am very nice, and I'm the type of girl who will unuasual approaches, walking down the street and I blooms, the kind of thing. I want to talk about what happened last week on his way to work. In general, a very boring and limited travel which is rarely needed a seat and let stand for 40 minutes. This day I was there when I felt a hand brush against my buns was so short, I have not even tried all thought it was an accident, when I felt again will be a little firmer. I sextails tried everything, but see what I could do was sit around the common people. A few minutes I felt his hand again and stayed there, so I pushed back, to see what happened. Next second I could touch her hand on my back legs just above my half someones finger and gently feel my bare leg. I couldent believe what was happening in the tube sextails of the light of day, but I opened my legsSoon, to see where to go, and I